All UT Faculty, Staff, Students, Contractors and Visitors can access the SDS for chemicals
found in the laboratories/art studios on campus from one of the links below.

Material Safety Data Sheets are now called Safety Data Sheets, per the Global Harmonized Standard (GHS)
At the moment, MSDS and SDS are used interchangably while the transition to the GHS takes place.

Should you find that you are not able to access a SDS from this site or note that a chemical you have
in your/lab studio does not have a SDS that is available on this webpage, please immediately
notify the CEHSC at He will work to correct the situation promptly.

For security reasons, the chemical inventory is NOT listed by room number.
Use the search function of Excel to aid finding the SDS you seek.

UT Facilities (SODEXHO) maintains their own inventory of SDS forms.
Contact John Gavin for this information at 813 508 5832.

Contractors UT hires to do work are required to provide SODEXHO with all relevant SDS sheets prior to starting work, in addition to providing access to their employees

UT SDS Inventory 2010 (2013 update in progress)

Need Excel? Download Excel Viewer or visit or to download free and fully MS Office compatible office suites.

Should you not find a SDS you need, please notify Dr. Kucera ( as soon as possible about the problem.

In such a situation, you can tap the following resources to search for the SDS that you seek...

Fisher Chemical Electronic MSDS Database Search


MSDS for Infectious Agents - Public Health Agency of Canada

A Glossary of MSDS terms and a tool ("MS-demystifier") to help convert your MSDS jargon into language that is easier to understand

Know a good MSDS site that you think should be here? Email Dr. Kucera...

In an emergency, call 911 (if someone is hurt) and then UT Security at 813 257 7777 and report the situation to initiate a response.

Do NOT send an injured student to the UT Health Center. Such action will slow treatment, since the Health Center will send the student to an ER. An injured student requiring medical attention must visit a health care facility such as hospital emergency room. For traumatic injuries, send the student to Tampa General Hospital. Have MSDS sheet information ready for emergency responders and the receptionist who checks the student into their facility.

UT security has a call-down list to report the emergency to UT personnell. After doing soyou can contact Dr. Steve Kucera, Associate Professor of Biology and CEHSC at UT. 813-842 35284 or by email to .