Chartered Members

On November 1, 2003, The Tau Pi Chapter was successfully chartered with the help of Bro. Terry Homer Hatfield, now recognized as The Founder. The brothers that have worked diligently for the success of this incorporation are now recognized as the Chartered Members and will forever be remembered in this historical moment of the Tau Pi Chapter.

7 Pharaohs of The 1st Dynasty (Fall 2002)
#1 Carlos Manuel Henriques “Hannibal”
#2 Courtney Devon Poyser “Hollywood”
#3 Quincy Allen Jenkins “Wolverine”
#4 Jonathan Nelson Norris “Face Off”
#5 Darrell Jerome Moore II “Versatile”
#6 Andre Tomlinson “Halftime”
#7 Jamal Akeem Pope “Reignman”
D.P Isaac Bristol (Theta Gamma) “Dead Prez”
A.D.P Marlon Furlongue (Rho Xi) “Duracell”

4 Warriors of Menes (Spring 2003)
#1 Abner Zorrilla “100 Proof”
#2 Travis Laron Abercrombie “Professor X”
#3 Troy Lewis Cogburn “Triple Threat”
#4 Paul Anthony Blackmon Jr. “Ironman”
D.P. Carlos Henriques “Hannibal”
A.D.P. Jamal Pope “Reignman”