Volume 5: Spring 2021

This issue of Royal Road includes essays composed during the 2019-20 academic year. Students completed revisions with a faculty mentor throughout 2020-21.

Royal Road, Volume 3 - Cover

Editors' Introduction
Celina Rodriguez Rivera and Maggie Sperry

Mickey's New Identity: How Disney's Theme Parks Successfully Arrived in China
Olivia Reeber

MAOA Genetics in the Courtroom: The Last Legacy of State v. Waldroup
Taylor Aiello

Tissue Paper Houses Just Don't Cut It: Addressing Gentrification, Housing Discrimination, and Institutionalized Racism in Portland, Oregon
Madeline McCarthy

It's (Not) Only a Joke: The Changing Face of Sexist Humor in M*A*S*H
Alise Blūma

From Paradise to Punchline: How the Media Has
Shaped Public Perception of Florida

Haley Ruggles

The Imagined National Identity of The North and South During the Civil War, as Expressed Through War Songs
Alexander S. Valentonis

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