Volume 7: Summer 2023

This issue of Royal Road includes essays composed during the 2021-22 academic year. Students completed revisions with a faculty mentor throughout 2022-23.

Royal Road, Volume 6 - Cover

Editors' Introduction
Anika Schmid, Cassie Disharoon, and Charlotte Salowe

Human Germline Genetic Engineering: The Ethical Imperative in Due Time
Emma Sheehan

Beyond Baby Blues: Systemic Failures in Maternal Care
Alice DeCoteau

Animal Companionship for Children with ASD: The Physiological, Psychological, and Socio-Emotional Benefits
Faviola N. Collazo-Vélez

“Finance Is a Gun”: Capitalism and the Gangster Film
Marin Burke

Selling Masculinity: The Perpetuation of Fragile Masculinity in Advertising
Madeleine Bolivar Ortiz

Sustainable Subterfuge: How Greenwashing Hinders the Ability of Consumers to Choose Environmentally Sustainable Companies
Ashlyn Ellison

Is Florida Taking Sea Level Rise Seriously?
Destin Rothe

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