Volume 6: Summer 2022

This issue of Royal Road includes essays composed during the 2020-21 academic year. Students completed revisions with a faculty mentor throughout 2021-22.

Royal Road, Volume 6 - Cover

Editors' Introduction
Taylor Landau and Megan Merola

Police Corruption and the Targeting of Central Asian Immigrants in Russia
Ekaterina D. Baricheva

Exploring Homosexuality Within Catholicism
Karolyn Merch

Managing the Medical Field: The Detrimental Impact COVID-19 has had on Healthcare Organizations and Physicians
Caitlin Reeves

The Linear Production of Plastic and the Unintended Consequences it Poses to the Flow of Nature in Tampa Bay
Amber Furce

The Benefits of Culling, Consuming, and Banning Live Imports as Methods of Controlling Lionfish Populations
Jacqueline Wilson

Cape Town Tap Runs Dry: Government's Willful Ignorance Exacerbates the Problem
Rayana Goodner

The High Price of Over-The-Counter Antiperspirants
Isabella High

Evolutionary Pressures Exerted on the Hammerhead Shark Cranium: The Advantages of Varying Cephalofoil Sizes Based on Habitat
Sam Johnson

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